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The service will be performed by properly equipped and uniformed personnel in any kind of building or property in the different shifts established between the client and the company.

  • The information and control access to facilities, care and custody of keys, opening and closing doors, control in the people or vehicles access, compliance with internal regulations of facilities, as well as the execution of tasks or subordinate auxiliary aid or relief, executed in the entrance or inside buildings, public buildings, parking lots, garages.
  • Receiving and checking visitors, as well as checking tickets, documents or cards, in any class of buildings or properties and compliance with internal regulations.
  • The traffic control in reserved or restricted areas within facilities in compliance with internal regulations.
  • Check the status and functionality of boilers, property and facilities in general, any kind of property, to ensure preservation and functionality.
  • Check opening and closing doors. Control of lights turning on and off into the facilities, into buildings or properties in general.
  • Reception jobs. Checking visitors and guiding them. As well as entrance control, documents or ids.
  • Management of package delivery. Internal distribution.
  • Telephone Service, Fax and Press.
  • Warehouse Management and Issuance.
  • General support functions.

And other duties previously established between Customer and Company.

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